Dear Rtn Kumar

Many thanks and greetings for organizing a great trip at Seoul. I'm amazed at the minute details you took care like giving away printed booklet of tickets, name tags for the luggages, a cute travel kit, travel booklet and maps on Seoul, sending prompt mails sharing info on Seoul, giving water bottles, excellent travel coaches making our trip comfortable along with friendly guides and overall your perseverance to join us in all the tours in spite of your back ache were all mesmerizing! 

Many thanks to you and to Convention Chair Rtn Selvam for giving us a memorable trip. 

I have already registered for Atlanta Convention. Planning to tour New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Washington, California and then to Atlanta finally for convention. 
Please work it out for me for an elaborate trip covering all imp tourist attractions as I haven't visited USA. 

I'm not looking for big hotels as I'm traveling mainly for sightseeing. Even a neat decent hotel is okay. 

I'm not aware of how others ask for it, may be it can be customized too. 

Thanks again, 

Warm Regards, 
Rtn Mythili.M



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